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Bobby V Live In Concert
Featuring Be On It 
Available on all digital media






Mt Carmel Juneteenth Festival       June 15                   Indianapolis, IN

Boyz 2 Men Opener                        June 21                   Indianapolis, IN

Muncie Black Expo                          July 20                    Muncie, IN


"One of the best bands in the whole world"

-  PJ Morton

"Great energy, color, dimensions, I believe pushing the next! I know hot arrangements and Be On It has them!"
-Asaph Ward

Be On It (aka B On It Productions) was formed in 2012. Birthed out of Indianapolis Be On It was created to push the boundaries and limitations of music. Be On It covers a lot of musical ground and different genres from pop, rock, rnb, hip hop, trip hop, neo soul, fusion, jazz, techno, country, christian, and experimental. When you look at the band you'll see a typical 5 piece set up, but when you really look deep into the band you see 5 individual artists that work together as a “collective” to create the most interesting, thoughtful, and intentional music you have ever heard. The band consist of 5 members, Joe C Elliott III (MD/Drums/Producer), Jesse Thompson (Bass/Guitar/Producer/Composer/Arranger/Writer/Lyricist), CJ Warfield (Keys/Composer/Producer), Fred Dixie (Keys/Composer/Producer) and Tim Hansen  (Guitar/Arranger/Composer/Producer).

In 2014 Be On It was crowned the champions of a national competition called Strange Arrange. Strange Arrange is a competition put on my Soundtrack Entertainment, where the top 5 bands in the nation compete in Nashville TN. From that opportunity, Be On It has landed major opportunities to work with some of the industry's top artist, such as Sony Music Videos or shooting a music video with PJ Morton (Maroon 5). You can find some of those music videos on Youtube and iTunes.

The goal of Be On It is to become one of the most dynamic bands of our time. From performing live to producing, Be On It has developed a signature sound and style that cannot be duplicated. Be On It has performed many places around the country and has worked with many different artists and producers around the world. The energy they perform with live will leave you mesmerized, inspired, and motivated to challenge what you think about music in a new way!



LABEL |, 317-572-8555


MANAGEMENT |, 317-504-1050


BOOKING |, 317-572-8555

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